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SQL Server: Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1

Posted by Prashant on July 8, 2010

Writing clean code is an important part in development activity. People sometimes ignore this may be because of some or other reason, which creates difficult to understand the code in later stage when it need changes. Here are some quick keyboard shortcuts for SQL Server Management Studio, which helps to write clean code and speed up development works.

So the below shortcuts related to code editing and execution in SSMS.

Purpose Keyboard Shortcut
Open New Query Window CTRL + N
Comment selected text CTRL + K then CTRL + C
Make selected text to UPPER case CTRL + SHIFT + U
Make selected text to LOWER case CTRL + SHIFT + L
Display estimated execution plan CRTL + L
Execute query F5 (Or) ALT + X (Or) CTRL + E
Show / hide result pane CTRL + R
Toggle between Query & Result pane F6


So have quick and clean coding…

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